Overview of the people that are recently found.
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Found via Xonnext..!

In this overview you can find the Calls which are resolved, mostly by Xonnext. So place a Call if you are looking for someone and let Xonnext help you find them.

If over time the requested person is found, you can indicate the checkbox to ‘Found..!’ via [My Calls]. Then other people can see that there is no longer need to help searching and that people are found through this website regularly. Should you want to delete the Call, please contact us.

Are people looking for you and you do NOT want to be found by that person, contact us by mail In consultation with you, we determine how we can respect your wishes.

Place a Call if you lost sight of someone and let Xonnext help you searching..!

Pauline HiemstraPeter LankesterFound..!
Kinderen Maasland (of Tulp) uit “Nieuw Voordorp”KroonFound..!
Sander en Elsje ElissenRedactieFound..!
Cornelis WierdaJellie LemkeFound..!
Katja KlatserLiset van VreumingenFound..!
Jan HageYvonnieFound..!
Kinderen van Cornelis WeggemanEllieFound..!
Marlies Arnoud (of Aernout)Wiljan van WerkhovenFound..!
Ineke JongejanMariekeFound..!
Simon van LeeuwenRedactieFound..!
Thea WetsteijnPieter AardseFound..!
Ellen SaletPetra DaalmeijerFound..!
Canadese soldaat Herbert uit Gent België (rond 1945)RedactieFound..!
Ingrid (Inge) van StedenUdo van StedenDoes NOT want to be found by…
Arthur OudijkNathanFound..!
Henk BeijneJannie PrakFound..!
Josina HeezeDorien SchultsFound..!
Mevr. Nanno de KlerA.T. Jansen-UjiFound..!
Koen MeijerYvonne VeldhuisFound..!
ChrisAnita SteffersFound..!
Halfzus Sandra HartingsveldtDanielle LagerwaartFound..!
Juanita de HaasWim EggesDoes NOT want to be found by…
Nelmarie de JagerDanielle KellerFound..!
Petra en Jeanet DaalmeijerEllen SaletFound..!
Jos van der HeijdenRinie van der WielFound..!
Fernando GomesZoekertjeFound..!


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