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Overview of the latest international Calls. There are Calls in the categories Persons, Adoption, Reunion, Family Tree, Miscellaneous and Missing. Place a Call by clicking the button [Place Call]. In Xonnext you can place international Calls and in Dutch.

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schoolWelcome to Xonnext, the free website for people who are looking for other people. And for people seeking help in finding information around Adoption, Family Tree etc.

The Calls you place on Xonnext remain there as long as you want to. This is in contrast to most social media, where a Call within a few days disappeares.

In the other part Xonnext: Missing people… are the missing people posted by authorities. These Calls are automatically renewed and kept up to date. Calls appear as they are posted  (by eg. the police) and disappear again when the people are found.

Offering assistance against payment is NOT allowed on Xonnext. Xonnext wants to offer a free platform to anyone who is looking for someone and for anyone who wants to help to find someone for free.

Xonnext started on January 1, 2016, and is now ready for your Calls.

Dirk Hendrik de Graaf

Dirk Hendrik de Graaf

Ben de Graaf from Groningen, the Netherlands is searching for his Dutch brother Dirk Hendrik (Dick) de Graaf who moved to Australia in the early 60's. They've lost contact more than forty years ago and now he would love to speak to him again, even if it’s only once....

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Jaap from ss. Fairsea 1952

Jaap from ss. Fairsea 1952

My Oma Elisabeth (Bep) Sombroek, later Himmelreich, arrived in Australia from Rotterdam in October 1952 on the Fairsea. She is looking for Jaap or Jacobus who was also aboard the Fairsea and disembarked in Melbourne. He would've been in his 20s and was travelling with...

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Je cherche un français qui s'appelle Guillermo. Je l'ai rencontré dans un bar de dance appelé "Don Pancho" à Benidorm. Je logeais dans un appartement "Mody Dick" aussi à Benidorm. Il devrait aujourd'hui avoir environ l'âge de 69 ans (30 ans plus tard).Guillermo était...

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Brian Cuthbert

Brian Cuthbert

It was around 1970 when we met on a camping in Playa d'Aro in Spain. You and your wife were travelling through Europe in a Morris Minor with a wooden rooftop frame (like on the picture). We where riding a motorbike.Going back to England you stayed with us in Rotterdam...

Reunion  UNIS Hanoi

Reunion UNIS Hanoi

Alumni reunions An important way to reconnect and stay connected is to attend the annual alumni reunions around the globe. And of course there are also many informal reunions organised and hosted by former students and families. Be sure to contact the Alumni Office if...

Patricia Pat Cooper

Patricia Pat Cooper

Looking for my cousin Pat (nee Black), married to John, from CAMBRIDGE. Born 1948.She had 3 sisters, Christine, Valerie and Susan. Pat and John had 4 daughters, one being called Tracey l think.If anyone knows any of the family, please ask Pat to get in touch with...

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Look for more world wide Calls in the specific categories. There are Calls in the categories Persons, Adoption, Reunion, Family Tree, Miscellaneous and Missing. Place a Call yourself by clicking the button [Place Call].

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Vermist - Peter BrinxmaOp 12 juli is Peter Brinxma voor het laatst gezien bij een tankstation aan de Maasbrug te Roermond. [...]

Vermist - Boguslaw Wladyslaw SuskaDe heer Suska is een Poolse man zonder vaste woon- of verblijfplaats. Hij is omstreeks 14:30 uur in [...]

De heer Dekker is in depressieve toestand vertrokken vanuit Reusel in een grijze Seat Alhambra, kent [...]

Vermist - Magalie BurkeMagalie is weggelopen vanaf huis. Ze heeft dringend medicatie nodig. Haar signalement toen ze vertro [...]

Vermist - Oleh MudrakLaatst gezien in Leeuwarden, mogelijk in Hemelum. [...]

Corwin is vrijdag 6 juli vermist geraakt vanaf de Vogelenzang in Kaatsheuvel. Hij is 13 jaar oud, ma [...]

Vermist - Politie is bezorgd om vermiste tienerFamilie, verzorgers en politie maken zich ernstig zorgen om de veiligheid van een vermist 17-jarige [...]

Vermist - Michelle GielensMichelle is op 24-06-2018, omstreeks 21.00 uur, vanuit huis vertrokken naar Zeist. Daar is zij niet [...]

Vrouw is op leeftijd en dementerend. [...]

Op 7 september 2017 is Hatice voor het laatst gezien in Tiel [...]

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